Thinnest Metal Bumper Cross Line 0.7 mm Iphone 5|S|4 Ori Equipment


 Dark Gold, Gray, Tiffany (ready for iphone 5|S only), Sotfpink, Silver

 Red (only for iphone 5|S)
 Tiffany (softblue Only for Iphone 5|S)

 Hotpink (only for Iphone 5|S)

Bbrp keistimewaannya"the thinnest metal bumper"

- Made of high quality hard aluminum, with only 0.7MM of the thickness
- Cross-line does not interfere antenna because no contact is made between For iPhone 5 antenna band and the bumper
- The bumper is 0.1 MM rises above For iPhone 5 screen?do not scratch your ear when answering phone calls
- One-piece case with only two screws on the bottom right corner
- Has place for SIM card slot, no need to take out the case to switch the SIM
- Superb ultra-thin CNC machining process, the thickness of only 0.7mm. Weight and feel to achieve the ultimate, you do not feel put protective shell case to protect your mobile phone.
- Terdapat bantalan busa pada sisi dalam bezzel jadi dijamin TIDAK MEMBUAT BESET Iphone 

Paket nya terdiri :
- 1X 0.7mm cross line bumper Ultra  Cross line metal bumper Apple IPhone 5
- Mur
- Baut-baut cadangan

Harga Iphone 5|S : 110 rb
Ready warna Iphone 5|S :Black,Gold, Silver, Tiffany,Dark Blue, Dark Red,Softpink, Lime Green

Harga Iphone 4|S : 100 rb
Ready warna Iphone 4|S :Tiffany, Purple, Softpink, Lime Green



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