Premium Case Ronin Wood Wenge Iphone 6 Plus

Inspired by the clean lines of a Samurais elegant but lethal Katana sword, the Ronin continues to set new standards in unsurpassed artistry and highly rened style. Every facet of Ronin's design, from technology to craftsmanship of exotic materials and attention to the nest details, exemplies Element Cases desire to create a case that rises above all others.

-Impact resistant PMC: (Precision Modular Chassis)
-Precision crafted wood side rails and back plate
-CNC machined aluminum crowns for added strength
-Fast and easy installation

1. Barang (Brand New )
2. Kami menggaransi produk sampai ke tangan anda tanpa cacat sedikitpun
3. Kami mempunyai website resmi (Akan memberikan layanan sales dan after sales yang terbaik karena kami bukan penjual musiman)
Harga : 350 rb

Partner Accs APPLE Anda sejak 2009



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