Jual Case Ipad Mini|Retina 2 Survivor Full Black


Independently tested and certified to meet conditions outlined in US Department of Defense MIL-STD-810
Integral Display shield deflects wind and rain (Test: up to 200 mm/hr for 1 hour)
Rigid internal frame protects against shocks and drops (Test: drop on flat concrete surface from 6'/1.8 m)
Sealed ports block blown sand and dust (Test: up to 18 m/sec for 1 hour)
Silicone cladding blocks vibration (Test: 18 hrs at 20 to 2000 Hz)
Includes multi-position workstand

Technical Specifications

Product Height 10.2"
Product Width 7.9"
Product Weight 15.2 oz.
Product Depth 0.9"
Price : 195 rb



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